Some of the most necessary tools that you will need, both in law school and for the Bar Exam, are outlines. When you are faced with the toughest exams that law school can throw at you, your text-books and hundreds of pages worth of notes will do you no good. The sheer volume of information that you have collected over the course of the semester will be too much to remember, or even read, in the limited amount of time available before your exams.

    When it comes to outlines, you have two basic choices. You can either build your own outline or get one from someone else; either commercially, by borrowing from a friend, or downloading from the web. While these external sources are invaluable under some circumstances, such is when you missed class or the professor didn't present the subject well, your best bet is usually to build your own outline. This is because building your own outline will increase your understanding and recollection of the subject matter, and if using outlines from other sources you lose this benefit. Additionally, using other people's outlines is risky because you never know if they are accurate; a misfortune which could really screw up your exam day.

    Whichever choice you make, make the outline of your choice central to your studying. Edit it, rearrange it, taylor it to what your professor teaches. Do this and your outline will serve you well.


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